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Web Sites for Organizations

Site Core Technology Additional Features Dates
Refuse For Research PHP MySQL
American Philosophy PHP 2/2010-3/2015
The Buffalo Bills Backers of Lakeland PHP 9/2008-1/2010
Civil American Joomla 12/2010-7/2011
The God Debates HTML 1/2010-3/2015
The Journal of Value Inquiry HTML 1/2006-6/2013
Mindful Paths For Us WordPress 8/2014-3/2015
Pragmatism Cybrary HTML 10/2002-3/2015
The Secular Academy WordPress 5/2014-3/2015
The Tuesday Music Club of Lakeland PHP Slimbox 2 7/2008-2/2016
Varieties of Naturalism HTML 2/2006-3/2015